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North Room:

AD DA and Clock:

Lavry Convertor (Blue Range - DB Tech) with Apogee Big Ben House Clock / Sync

Monitors and Amps:

Custom Augspurger Dbl 15 w 18s bass extention Bryston 4B and 2 Ref Crown Amps, Yamaha NS 10m (original) Bryston 2B , 5.1 Surround Genelec 8050 with Rel Sub Woofer (LFE)

MAC Workstation:

Avid Pro Tools HD 9 and 10. HD 4 accella, 48 i/0 Digidesign 192s, URS, Soundtoys, Waves9, Flux and many other plugins and soft synths including complete East West Sample Libraries

Mic Pres:

Avalon M2 (4 Channel Transformer based), Grace 201 (4 Channels Transformerless), True Systems Precision 8 Mic Preamp (8), Sonosax (4), Focusrite 215 (2 Channel with EQ) and Focusrite RED7 Channel Strip (mono with EQ and Compression)

Compression / Dynamic Processors:

ELI Distressor, ELI Fatso, Focusrite 130s, VINTAGE UREI 1176 LN , VINTAGE Tektronics LA3A, Tubetech 2CLA, DBX 902 Dessers

Digital Reverb:

Lexicon 960L, Eventide DSP 7000

Analog Summing:

Studer 962 Console 22 input with 4 outs


API 560As and 550Bs, and much more available!

Standard Mics:

Neumann TLM 170 and i89, JZ v47, AT 4060 Tube and many more available!


Yamaha Drum Kit Available


Lounge area, Flat Screen HD TV's, High speed Internet, WiFi access, Spring Water, Red Bull, Piping Fresh Coffee and Tea's



Live Room:


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(click for larger view)

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